Documentary Film Top Priority: The Terror Within Premieres at the Academy to Rave Reviews

May 30, 2012 — Fleur De Lis Film Studios proudly premiered its latest documentary feature film “Top Priority: The Terror Within” at the home of the Oscars – the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on May 16, 2012. The audience was shocked and mesmerized by the magnitude of this incredible true story. In her review of the film, Phoebe Gallagher of the Moviehole said that the film, directed by Asif Akbar, surpassed Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 911″, because it consists of “just the facts” and a tangible case that is “arguably more disturbing than an animated conspiracy theory.”

The case of the Department of Homeland Security whistleblower Julia Davis has been suppressed by the government – that is, until now. After she exposed the government’s failure to follow its own procedures with respect to admissions of aliens from terrorist countries into the U.S., Julia Davis was falsely branded a “Domestic Terrorist” and subjected to retaliatory tactics of unprecedented proportions. Phoebe Gallagher writes, “The film chronicles how the Department of Homeland Security, seemingly egg-faced and embarrassed, retaliated against Davis for exposing their weak system. With their endless supply of resources, the government used every scare tactic and smear tactic in the book to get their revenge against Davis – and anyone connected to her. Blackhawk Helicopters were dispatched to her property, armed DHS Agents and a US Marshal conducted warrantless searches of the Davis’s property, and those linked to Davis – including her parents and husband, veteran Hollywood stuntman B.J Davis – were treated in an equally frightening, ill fashion.”

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