Workers Con

The first investigative cinematic look into the core of corruption in the workers compensation process from state to state across America, in this maze of obstacles for injured workers and retaliation for protected disclosures. “Workers Con” shows how this system was created by elected officials to shield corporations from accountability to injured workers, designed to enrich doctors, insurance guarantors like the infamous AIG rescued by the federal government, a variety of attorneys from all levels, state agencies complicit with the employers and their payroll companies, set in place as straw-men, under the guise of compensation and medical care. State Senators and representatives interviewed with conflict interest, state and federal violations in the process of the average American worker denied and abused under the color of an octopus created to exhaust and prevent adequate medical care and compensation to those injured, in an indifferent, hostile workplace. Special emphasis on film and television workplace injuries.
Genre: Documentary
Status: In Production