Top Priority: The Terror Within

Federal officer with the Department of Homeland Security discovers a national security breach related to the entry of 23 aliens from terrorist countries into the United States. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner, former head of the DEA Robert Bonner can't afford any more media scrutiny, since his incompetence was already exposed in the NASA 'Challenger' disaster. To avoid the scandal, the full might of the government is unleashed against Julia Davis, her family and witnesses. This retaliation reaches the unprecedented magnitude, including four unexplained deaths, Hollywood and the Mafia, false imprisonments and the use of helicopters and airplanes for warrantless surveillance. Amidst many shocking revelations, this documentary provides a new insight into the deaths of well-known Hollywood figures unwittingly dragged into this scandal. The truth is no longer a secret.
Genre: Docu Drama
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Starring: Julia Davis, BJ Davis, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Tom Ridge, Robert C. Bonner, Matthew Issman, Herbert P. Kaufer, Jeffrey J. Deal, A. Howard Matz, Osama Bin Laden, Debra Wong-Yang, Joe Risen, Janet Napolitano, Eric Bolling, Sean Hannity, Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, Leslie Dutton, Charles Durning, John Mancini
Status: Complete