Room and Board

“Room and Board” comes alive a La Hermitage, with pure blood pumping through its veins. It’s a horrifying tale, based on a true story. Take an intimate look inside of a popular bed and breakfast, owned by the deceptively attractive group of Russian women. The meat-cleaving matriarch of a family dies, leaving her bloody legacy to gorgeous but conniving offspring. The mad mixture of black comedy and horror erupts, as marauding beauties cook up a delightfully horrific picture show. It’s full of twists and turns, complete with an unexpected ending that leaves the possibility of an expanding menu – and a sequel…
Genre: Horror
Starring: Robert Forster, Claudia Wells, Robert Loggia, Christopher Showerman, Tommy Tiny Lister, Kane Hodder, Brandon Slagle, Devanny Pinn, Asif Akbar, Lacy Guice, Miranda Davis, Issa Bayaua
Status: Pre-Production