Rogues in Robes

A clinical and legal review of judicial misconduct and corruption under the color of law in state, federal, civil and criminal actions. By global popular demand, this exclusive and first of its kind tell-all television series is available to buyers directly from Fleur De Lis Film Studios, with screeners and full episode DVD’s presented at the American Film Market (AFM). Registered buyers can request further information for viewing select episodes through the Cannes Film Festival (Cinando) screening room. To purchase individual episodes, please contact Fleur De Lis Film Studios at ***************************************************************************** Season 1 ***************************************************************************** "Matz I," "Matz II," "Bivens," "Wrinkled Robes," "Black Veil," "Kent West Humphreys," "Delany 1873," "Claiborne," "EEOC," "Due Process," "Alan Green," "Federal Circuit," "James Alexander, "Hise Boys," "Scott Bloch Whistleblowers," Media," Supreme Court," "Selective and Malicious," "California Bar Association," Federal Bar Association," "Pickering 1804," "Robert C. Bonner," "Walter Nixon," "Alcee Hastings." ***************************************************************************** Season 2 ***************************************************************************** "From The Bench," "Marton Manton," "Peck," "Clerk of Court," "Sassower," "911," "Harold Lauderback," "Merit Systems Protection Board," "Office of Special Counsel," "Canonized Code," "Pro Se," "Legalese Explained, "Arbitration," "Senate Judiciary Committee," "Senate Confirmation," "Organized Crime," "Keys To The Kingdom," "Expunge," "Under The Color Of Law: Vexatious," "To Recuse," "Trial By Jury Demand," "Hobbs Act I," "Hobbs Act II," "Oath of Office," "Tax Dollars," "Officer of the Court," "Richard Fine." ***************************************************************************** Season 3 ***************************************************************************** "Under The Color of Law," "Vetted by Congress," "Warrantless," "Screen Actors Guild," "Obstruction of Justice," "JAMS," "Arbitration Only II," "Civil Rights," "Ron Bodenheimer," "Timothy Stutler," "Michigan Court Assault," "Victims Rights," "Quid Pro Quo."
Genre: Reality Tv
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Starring: Charles Durning, Julia Davis, BJ Davis, Senator Patrick Leahy, Senator Jeff Sessions, A. Howard Matz, Robert C. Bonner, Debra Wong-Yang, Gary Klausner, Terry Nafisi, Sherry R. Carter. Stephen Montes, Stephen Sutcliffe, Alex Kozinski, Cathy Catterson. Leslie Dutton, Richard Fine, Judge Andrew Napolitano
Status: Complete