Confessions of a Hollywood Stuntman

This biopic features the incredible true story of BJ Davis, Hollywood Stuntman Hall of Famer with two standing world records of over 30 years with a fall of 180’ feet from a helicopter into the ocean, after flying from Universal Studios to the Santa Monica, CA pier for 20 minutes at 1,000 feet at 70 MPH hanging from an aerial neck sling. BJ has worked on over 400 films and television series combined, performing spectacular stunts risking it all for his “Art of Action”. BJ Davis stunt doubled for five Academy Award winning actors and has served in every capacity as a Stuntman, Stunt Coordinator, Second Unit Director, Producer, Screenwriter and Director for all media formats. Founder of Stunts Spectacular, BJ has been an advocate for civil rights and liberties all of his life, overcoming insurmountable odds and adverse circumstances that will give hope to people from all walks of life. Having been faced with false accusations, slandered and defamed by rogue government elements, Davis and his wife Julia fought back and prevailed. This sensational film showcases real life characters from every segment of society, from Hollywood legends and reigning Royals, to mobsters, murderers and rogue government agents. "Confessions Of A Hollywood Stuntman" is a true story that will inspire, encourage and demonstrate an absolute walk of faith, standing in the shadow of giants.
Status: In Production