Docu-Drama “Top Priority: The Terror Within” Comes to Santa Monica’s AMC 7

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, Oct 26 (Marketwire) –
Fleur De Lis Film Studios announced that its award-winning feature
documentary “Top Priority: The Terror Within” will open the American Film
Market with the screening at the AMC 7 in Santa Monica, CA on October 31,
2012 at 3PM. The film premiered at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and
Sciences on May 16, 2012 and is now being offered to domestic and
international buyers for the first time at the AFM.

“Top Priority: The Terror Within” addresses the growing terror threat on
the Southwestern border, an unpopular reality that continues to be
underplayed by government officials. This zeal to cover-up ongoing
failures by the Department of Homeland Security culminated into a
Blackhawk helicopter raid of the whistleblower’s home. As the Special
Response Team stormed the residence with more agents than the manpower
used to assault Bin Laden’s compound, a neighbor filmed these events.
Only weeks later, he was found dead. Four witness deaths illuminate this
incredible true story.

In an unexpected twist, the documentary also provides a glimpse into the tormented last days of actress Brittany Murphy. Her participation as a witness, unwittingly dragged into this paramount scandal, resulted in terrifying consequences for both Brittany and her husband Simon Monjack.

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